Medication guidance

Preventing wrong use of medicines by means of automatic monitoring

Anyone who sometimes takes medicines, will recognise this. Did I take them or not? You will easily make a mistake, even more so when one takes more than one medicine. This is a serious problem; every year tens of thousands of people end up in hospital as a result of wrong use of medicines. Part of these cases can easily be avoided by means of automatic monitoring.

The principle of Zintouch medication guidance is very simple, it works through the same device that clients use for their personal alarm. At times that are set in advance they will receive a reminder for this. Subsequently they can confirm by pressing the button that they have received the message.

As a caregiver you can enter the times for taking medicines on the Zintouch platform (up to 6 times per client per day) and monitor your clients’ use of medicines. Is a reminder to take medicines not confirmed by a client, not even after a few repeated reminders? Then an e-mail message will automatically be sent to their contact person and/or organisation, to enable them to take action. The platform will also show the status of all recorded reminders during the last 10 days, which enables you to detect a trend in clients’ use of medicines.



How does medication guidance work?


1. Setting
Inserting times at the Zintouch platform

2. Reminder
Client will receive 3 consecutive messages at the set time

3. Confirmation
Clients will confirm through the SOS button and will take their medication

4. No confirmation from user?
Message will be repeated 3 times after 4 minutes

5. Still no confirmation?
E-mail message to contact persons

Zintouch medication guidance because:


One can see, from a distance, whether clients have taken their medication


Clients will confirm by pressing the button once


Automatic message to contact persons if reminder is ignored


Combining medication guidance with other care solutions

In addition to medication guidance Zintouch has more to offer in the field of smart solutions for care. Thanks to the modular set-up of our platform every client can simply combine these solutions into one entire package of care. While professional providers of care can easily manage and monitor all this.


Interested in Zintouch medication guidance?

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