about Zintouch

Care. Connect. Protect.

At Zintouch we develop digital solutions for care. Solutions that give people stronger ties with their environment.  And that make people’s lives safer. In three words: care, connect, protect.

Zintouch was established in 2014. Professional care providers know us in particular for our system for mobile personal alarm. The introduction of that system caused a small revolution at the time. And in 2016 we were the winners of the ‘Get Moving Event’ with it, organised by Menzis and ANWB.

In the meantime we have added many more modules to the Zintouch platform. From wander detection and access to the house and medication guidance and lifestyle monitoring. By now we are active in 9 European countries with this.

Zintouch is ‘UMO certified partner’ of Verklizan and our solutions have been integrated in the platforms of ENAI, VieDome and Sensara. In addition our solution for mobile personal alarm carries the Chain label Mobile Alarm of WDTM, the sector organisation in which care providers, suppliers and others that are involved collaborate to improve the quality of technology of residential care.


Management team


Arie Prins, CEO

Arie is an inspired and enthusiastic advocate of new technology for care. In 2014 he establish Zintouch, with the aim to support vulnerable people by means of innovations in care. Before that he gained experience at various leading companies in the sector. Initially mostly in the field of access to the house: gradually wider and wider into the field of innovations at home and also more with an emphasis on care.

Arie is not only CEO of Zintouch, but he is also involved in sector organisation WDTM.


Roel Snel, COO

After his study in Health Care Technology Roel was involved in various start-ups in care technology and founded a number of companies himself. Roel is entrepreneur in care in heart and soul, specialised in personal alarm, access to the house, Webcam care and e-Health. As operational director he sees to it that all projects and processes at Zintouch will proceed in a smooth and structured manner.

In addition to COO of Zintouch Roel is a member of the Werkveld Adviesraad (Council of the Work of Activity) at the Avans Hogeschool. He has also a seat in the Raad van Toezicht (Supervisory Board) of home care organisation BetuweZorg.


Richard Dirksen, CTO

Richard is the technical brain of Zintouch. After his study of electrical engineering, telecommunication and computer architecture he worked all over the world. As an engineer and in technical support, but also in marketing & sales and as an entrepreneur. Among other things, he worked on safety systems, industrial automation, VoIP telephony and web solutions.

As the CTO of Zintouch he returned to his technical roots with 30 years of experience under his belt, to build the best platform for mobile personal alarm and other care solutions.


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