Zintouch platform: Your one stop environment for smart care solutions.

When professional care providers hear the name Zintouch, they are bound to think of personal alarm. That is a logical thing, for in the Netherlands and in Europe we were among the trail blazers in the field of mobile personal alarm. But we do more: by now we have developed the Zintouch platform into an entire ecosystem for smart solutions for care.

The emphasis there is solutions for care at the clients’ home. In addition we offer modules that are specifically aimed at the caregivers themselves, such as workers’ safety.

Zintouch modules


Proven technology

  • Successful in 9 countries

  • More than 30 affiliated European alarm centres

  • Winner Get Moving Event 2016 (Menzis/ANWB)

In 2016 we and our technology for mobile personal alarm were pronounced winner at the Get Moving Event of care provider Menzis and ANWB. In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we successful in the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Denmark.


User-friendly platform

  • All solutions for care on one platform

  • Customised solutions for clients through modular system

  • Identifiable, user-friendly interface

By means of our modular set-up you can offer all clients exactly the solutions for care that they need. While, as a caregiver you only need one device to be able to manage and monitor all: your own smartphone, tablet or laptop...


Privacy first

  • Client data processed according to AVG/GDPR

  • Secure storage of data on European servers

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified server park

At the Zintouch platform all client data are processed and stored ‘by default’ and ‘by design’ according to Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG), which regulation every organisation should follow as from May 2018.

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