Access to the house

Smart key management: safe and quick access to the house by means of your smartphone

For clients that have difficulties walking it is convenient when caregivers can enter the house on their own. In emergency situations it can even save lives. But in everyday practice this means a lot of hassle and unsafe situations. From workers who have to carry huge key rings to difficulties with key vaults and keys that are simply hidden somewhere. Luckily there is an alternative: Zintouch access to the house.

As a caregiver you have always the right key in your hand with Zintouch access to the house. For you can enter the houses of all your clients by means of your own smartphone! No hassle with physical keys anymore, but safe access by way of a user-friendly app.

Clients will remain in control about who can enter when. This will be recorded in the central registration of the care organisation. Has a client authorised you? Then you will receive a code automatically when you are at his or her door. And Zintouch access to the house is not only safe and user-friendly, but can also be installed easily.


* Our products are always SKG** certified at least




1. Easily installed
The fittings will be installed quickly, also at central access doors.

2. Central registration
The client will inform the care organisation who can enter and when.

3. Setting of location and time
Access will only be granted to caregivers who are near in an specified time frame.

4. Access code per smartphone
Authorised caregivers will receive a one-off access code on their smartphone.

5. SKG-certified fittings
The safe lock (2 SKG-stars at least) will open when the access code is entered

6. Check
The log book shows who was inside and when

7. Manage authorisations
Caregivers can easily added, removed or moved.

Zintouch access to the house because:


Access to the house by means of an app on your smartphone


Safe access: Only authorised workers can open the door


Clients and carers can see who was in the house and when

Key management was always one of our greatest nuisances. Zintouch provides us safer access to the houses of our clients and enables us to work more efficiently, without hassle.
— ROY Derks, IZT Limburg

Combining access to the house with other care solutions

In addition to access to the house Zintouch has more to offer in the field of smart solutions for care. Thanks to the modular set-up of our platform every client can simply combine these solutions into one entire package of care. While professional providers of care can easily manage and monitor all this.


Interested in Zintouch access to the house?

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