care communication

Sync care tasks with carers and clients as best you can

Who is taking Mrs. Jansen to her appointment at the physiotherapist? Has someone been at Mr. De Vries’s? As more people are involved in the care of a client, it becomes increasingly more important that they sync care tasks between them.

Divide care tasks, plan appointments, inform family and friends how the client is... The Care communication module does it all within the safe and trusted environment of the Zintouch platform. This way you can deliver better care together. While it takes less time to set it all up.

Clients can determine themselves who are granted access: caregivers and relatives, but, for example, neighbours and friends, too. With it you offer clients and their friends and relatives a professional and safe alternative for the hassle with Whatsapp or Facebook groups.


How does care communication work?


1. Create contacts
Clients themselves determine who is granted access

2. Plan appointments
And sync with the care network

3. Coordinate tasks
Anyone can create tasks and take up activities

4. Exchange information
Chat function for sharing messages and photos

5. Keep a log
Protected part for recording care-specific information


Zintouch care communication because:


Safe and professional alternative for Whatsapp groups


Better care organised more efficiently


Clients themselves determine who is granted access

The collaboration within the entire care network of clients is running much more structured now.
— Hessel Lodder, Zorggroep Noord-West Veluwe

Combining care communication with other care solutions

In addition to care communication Zintouch has more to offer in the field of smart solutions for care. Thanks to the modular set-up of our platform every client can simply combine these solutions into one entire package of care. While professional providers of care can easily manage and monitor all this.


Interested in Zintouch care communication?

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