Messages about wellbeing

Keep a better eye on clients’ wellbeing

Many caregivers would like to be more in contact with their clients. It is of course impossible to be physically present everywhere at the same time. But thanks to smart technology it is possible to be virtually there for everyone more often. At a distance, automatically. By means of Zintouch Messages about wellbeing you create more contact moments with clients and you can keep a better eye on how everyone is.

Just ask in the morning if someone has slept well. Wish clients a good lunch at noon. Show them that you are there for them in the evening. It may mean a lot to people, while it is not much of an effort to you and only takes a moment. The messages are sent as spoken words from the same mobile device that clients can use as personal alarm or for their medication guidance.

You can also use Zintouch Messages about wellbeing to remind clients of appointments that they may have. Think of a check-up by their GP or an appointment at their hairdresser’s. Clients and carers can also easily enter this kind of reminders into the system and monitor them with the help of the Zintouch platform.


How do message about wellbeing work?


1. Setting
Caregiver or carer enters messages at the Zintouch platform

2. Message
Client gets spoken message: ‘Did you sleep well last night?’ or ‘Do not forget your appointment at the hairdresser’s at 11!’

3. Confirmations
Client confirms the receipt of the message by pressing the button
No confirmation from user?

4. Message will be repeated after 4 minutes

5. Still no confirmation?
E-mail message to contact persons


Zintouch messages about wellbeing because:


More contact moments with clients


Clients and carers can also enter and monitor messages themselves


Message to contact persons if client does not confirm the receipt of the message

Thanks to technology you can include more of those small moments of contact. Clients will notice that we are there for them.

Combining messages about wellbeing with other care solutions

In addition to messages about wellbeing Zintouch has more to offer in the field of smart solutions for care. Thanks to the modular set-up of our platform every client can simply combine these solutions into one entire package of care. While professional providers of care can easily manage and monitor all this.


Interested in Zintouch messages about wellbeing?

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