Workers’ safety

Working alone in a safer way thanks to the function ‘man down’

Caregivers work alone increasingly more often Especially in the evenings and at night this may entail risks. In the case of intimidation, aggression and violence it is important that as a worker on your own you can call in help fast and unnoticeably. That is why we developed Zintouch workers’ safety. A small device that enables you to sound the alarm easily and discretely.

The alarm actually is not more than a handy button, that you can easily wear in your pocket, on a belt or, for example, on a cord round your neck. What happens when you push the button? There is a direct signal to the alarm centre. Through an listen-in connection they will hear immediately what is the matter, after which they can call in the right emergency services. In addition to that, GPS localisation shows where you are.

In addition to the silent alarm the device has a so-called function ‘man down’. The device will start emitting a beeping sound if you lie in a horizontal posture for longer than 15 seconds (or for a longer time, which you can set yourself) If you do not react to this signal, there will be an automatic signal to your contact persons and/or the alarm centre.


How does Workers’ safety work?


1. Sound a silent alarm
When you push the button, the device will start to tremble

2. Contact with alarm centre
As soon as there is contact, the device will stop trembling

3. Listen-in connection
Enables the alarm centre to hear what is the matter

4. Calling in the emergency services
After an estimation of the situation by alarm centre

5. Function ‘Man down’
If you have lying still in a horizontal posture for 15 seconds, you will hear a beeping signal

6. You are not moving?
Then an alarm signal will be sent to contact persons and/or the alarm centre

Zintouch workers’ safety because:


Sound the alarm unnoticeably by means of a discrete, handy device


It will last 1 week when it is fully charged


24/7-support by alarm centre

As someone who works alone, you will feel much safer if you know that you will always be able to sound the alarm silently.
— Margriet Hendrix, Envida

Combining workers’ safety with other care solutions

In addition to workers’ safety Zintouch has more smart solution for care to offer, especially in the clients’ homes. Thanks to the modular set-up of our platform every client can simply combine these solutions into one entire package of care. While professional providers of care can easily manage and monitor all this.


Interested in Zintouch workers’ safety?

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