Scoop: Zintouch is the first to get chain label mobile alarm


WDTM is the inter-branch organisation where care providers, suppliers, installers, housing corporations and consultants join forces to promote the use and implementation of residential care technology and to improve and assure quality.

The organisation does this by, among other things, developing quality labels. The chain label Personal alarm ensures that all those who are involved in the chain of services of personal alarm can realise optimal reliability for the end user. The WDTM chain label Personal alarm at present comprises three modules: personal alarm, mobile alarm and access to houses of clients.

It is with pride that we can announce that Zintouch is the first to be allowed to wear the chain label mobile alarm.

Operational director Roel Snel: “This chain label is a fine acknowledgement of the fact that the concept of personal alarm has matured, that now it has become at least as reliable as residential alarm over a fixed line. It gives end-users the reassurance that they can always get help fast, whether they are at home or away from home. We are proud of this label and the trust in the fact that our innovations are making a difference, will encourage us to further develop the Zintouch platform.

Roel Snel