The key to efficient and safe access to houses in outpatient care.

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Safe access to houses is a point of concern in outpatient care. Now that clients more and more often choose a means of access themselves, there is no saying which way this will go. I am taking you along a route of challenges that care institutions and caregivers all over the country have to face, and that are as easily recognisable as they are frustrating. And at the end I will offer a workable and safe alternative, of course.

Challenge: finding your way in a maze of key vaults.
As a caregiver you have to deal with at least 10 different codes, systems and rusted covers every day. That is not only inefficient, but it is unsafe as well. The client will hardly ever change the code that has been set, so anyone that ever received it can keep coming in. Without surveillance.

Challenge: to convince the client to take a solution for safe access
If clients have to cough up the full amount of their solution for residential access themselves, 80% of them will sooner choose a solution of £40 from a DIY shop than pay £350 for a safe SKG-certified key solution from a well-known provider. Who would blame them.

Challenge: to stick to a uniform way of working for care providers
For client 1 and 4 one uses one of the keys of the key ring. 2, 3 and 5 each have a different code of the key vault, at number 6 one rings the bell and at 7 (or was it 5?) the key lies hidden under the mat. If as a institution of care you wish to offer a uniform, efficient way of working, there is nothing for it but to provide a thought-out, uniformly applied access solution. Preferable one that includes a fair contribution from the client.

Challenge: to select the right access solution for your organisation
Let’s directly take the argument that is usually decisive: funding.  Are you buying or leasing? A small organisation that has no ambition to grow and that has deep pockets can opt for purchase of a fixed analogue solution of a key vault. In other cases it is better to choose a safe modular access system featuring a structure of subscriptions for every user. This is also a suitable solution in order to be able to charge costs to the client.

The solution: access by means of a smartphone – security is key
The Zintouch system for residential access is manageable, safe solution for residential access by means of the smartphone. As a caregiver you will get access through an app on your smartphone. Client will remain in control about who may come in and they have this registered in a central database at the institution of care. Moreover clients and caregivers can see who was in the house and when.

As clients will themselves remain in control about who will have access, they know what they pay for.  The costs that the organisation itself has to pay for the system, will be made good by an improved efficiency. And working in this way is so much more convenient. Read more about it here: Residential access through the Zintouch platform.

Roel Snel